We have 2 Very Hansome Male Puppies !!! READY IN 2 WEEKS

We have two Very Handsome male Puppies from a non-Registered Mother, That will be ready for there forever homes in a couple of weeks.. These guys are chewing on mom right now.. She loves them very much, and it is Great. These two males will be Pet Priced at $ 1,000, plus sales tax. We still have Phantom Ready for adoption.. 

Sir Charles has been adopted and will be living in North Carolina with Carolyn’s daughter Kellie.

Bridgette and Bad Boy Oakly have a litter of 4, 2-Females and 2- Males, Yorkie/Biewers

 Mom……Bridgette is the mother of these Four Beautiful Biewer/Yorkie Puppies,  and they are yipping, growling, biting mom, and all puppy moms go through this. Bridgette is so good with them.,  Bridgette is our APRI Registered Biewer Terrier, she is Beautiful, and a GREAT MOTHER to her babies.  They all look “Pear Shaped”  which means, they are eating well, Daddy…..  Is our Bad Boy Cappuccino (Oakley), he is very gentle and very handsome.  He comes from a great Bloodline, he is AKC Registered. Together these two make Beautiful Pups , These pups will be “normal” sized Yorkies, the biggest is a boy and he weighs 3 lbs at 17 wks. My wife and I have the best Hobby/Job in the world. We get to put our Great Puppies with Great People.  Our Adoption fee is the same for boys and Girls. Our adoption fee is Pet Priced at $1000 plus $70 sales tax. We also ask all of our Potential Parents to go through a light Background Check, this check IS NOT Financial or Legal, we just want to know where our babies will be living, we also have a Forever Return Policy, just in case the family dynamics change.. We DO NOT WANT to see our babies in a shelter..

         Here they are at  10 weeks…I’M



1.) Red Girl has been adopted by Denise and her family and will be living in Omaha NE. and wintering in Arizona!!!!

2.) Yellow Girl will be joining our Breeding Program in a couple of years.


         The boys are still here and ….Ready to Go

                                    Check’m Out

Hello Everyone, Our Gmail was changed ^%##$^**(%&*&**&

Yes, after ten years, our email was no longer usable, I forgot the password, and google/recovery.com did not help.. I have Pro’s working on getting my information out of it, So from NOW ON.. our email is


Please excuse this “Hick Up” in our service…. We are secure with our new email ..

Our Beautiful Romi Belle and Our Famous Tobi Mac

Have given us a litter of three boys.

       Romi Belle is our Gorgeous Silver/Sable Phantom. She has a Great PERSONALITY, she loves everyone, when matched with Tobi Mac their puppies are SPECTACULAR. They have great coats, beautiful eyes(when they open) you will see. great physique. Anderson’s Yorkies & Poodles with Romi and Tobi would like to introduce their three “Little Macs”

Here is my disclaimer:  Patsy’s and Romi’s pups were both born May 1st, and I was so busy with calls and emails about Patsy’s Yorkies. We (I) forgot to do Puppy pix.. To our Toy Poodle fans, I AM SORRY !!!  WORTH THE WAIT?

1.) Parti Boy was adopted by Daniel and will be living in Mason City IA.

2.) Red Boy was adopted by Roland and will be living in Mason City IA.

3.) Blue Boy was adopted by Bobby Jo and will be living in Mason City IA.

Patsy’s pups are here Golden Chocolate Yorkies


Patsy and Bad Boy Cappuccino have Golden Chocolate Litter !!!! Hello everyone, this is what we were waiting for,,  . We also wanted to keep one for our Breeding Program..

What can I tell you about these puppies and their parents. FIRST The PARENTS. The mother of this gorgeous litter is our Very Special  “Patsy Kline” who is our AKC Registered Golden Yorkshire Terrier. Her personality is just laid back, loves her puppies and lets them chew on her and dad is in there also. He is not in their to stay he sniffs the babies. he knows they are his pups. Fathers and their mother are around their litter. This is not for Novice Breeders,  Bringing the fathers into the puppies kennel can be very dangerous even fatal to the puppies, our Breeding Parents have been with us since they were pups, and trained to love their puppies.. BUT we have never left Daddy with them alone.. The father of these boys is our Bad Boy Cappuccino he is our VERY HANDSOME AKC Registered Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier.. TOGETHER these two make Magic.. 

                             ENJOY !!! I feel these will go fast… First deposit Takes the Gold !!!   At 3 weeks they are all ADORABLE! Now at 9 wks they are Absolutely Kissable..


Upon closer examination by the boss (Carolyn), she discovered “Dukey” was a “Duchess”. We are professionals, we get that, In my defense, We were having two litters very close together, we birthed them, cleaned them up, clipped their cords. Sexed them, then went to the next litter.. This happens, we are human, who?da thunk.  Thank You Honey !!!


#1 Sable Boy, has been adopted and will be living with the Gisch family in the Twin City’s Area.

#2  Our smallest Teacup “Tiny Timmy” will be living with the Liz Murphy Family in Mason City IA.

3# We will be keeping Duchess ( Now that I know how to spell “Duchess”) She will be taking her Mothers Patsy’s place in 2 years..So this will be Patsy’s last litter, Patsy be will passing the baton to her Daughter “Trisha”

#4 Braxton will be joining our Breeding Program. When he is old enough..

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