Yvett and Holly, Proud Parents Of Three in the Windy City…

In April of 2016, my spouse and I were looking to adopt two Yorkie puppies so we reached out to David and Carolyn after finding them on puppyfind.com. After speaking with them for the first time we knew that they were not just selling puppies, they were looking for the right families to provide forever homes for their puppies.

When we decided on our two new puppies (Louie and Reese), they were just a few days old.  In the following 10 weeks, they provided us with weekly pictures and their weights so we can chart their growth. We even took a drive to Mason City after 4 weeks just to visit.  Meeting David and Carolyn in person confirmed what we already knew – they were raising puppies in a house full of LOVE and KINDNESS. The result was puppies that are healthy, confident and have great personalities, and let’s not forget adorable!!!

We continued to stay in touch with the Anderson and we would regularly visit their website to see their adorable litters.  That is when we saw a chocolate Yorkshire Terrier and just knew that we had to have him.  We now have 3 of the most adorable Yorkshire Terriers we have ever seen!!    Louie, Reese and Rocco!!

Thank you so much David and Carolyn, for our new family and for being such great breeders (and friends).


Yvette and Holly

Chicago, Illinois

Michelle Custer

We adopted Mavis Mae near Christmas. Dave spent nearly an hour on the telephone with my husband and I talking about his and Carolyn’s dogs and getting to know us and our motivation for purchasing a dog at Christmas. I was personally so reassured by this that Cole, our two children and I made the drove to Mason City to meet them and their precious puppies and dogs. We were welcomed into Anderson Yorkies by friendly well behaved Yorkies! I have never met so many dogs in a home! While a little overwhelming, it was clear that Dave and Carolyn LOVE their dogs and it is more than a business; I felt their passion and kindness toward each every dog they had in their home. They knew all of the names and spoke of each dog as individuals.

Mavis (Goldie) was placed carefully in my arms by Carolyn shortly after entering Anderson’s home. I knew instantly that she was the one. Cole, a little more thoughtful than myself, checked out the other puppies before he held “Goldie” and another puppy and checked them closely. He also felt that “Goldie” was the one for us. She is very unique in her coloring as she is a beautiful dark golden color with black and white highlights. I renamed “Goldie” Mavis Mae. She rode the 3 and 1/2 hours back home with us exchanging arms between Cole and the kids since I was driving. Not a peep was made by her all the way home. She is an excellent traveler!!

Mavis has adapted perfectly into our family! She is potty trained to a pee pad as it is far too cold for this little one. She did however, go pee in the grass on one of the 50 degree days when we were visiting family. She poos on the pee pad too without fail. I would recommend Anderson Yorkies any time for a loving family that is looking for a little ball of love.

Thank you Dave and Carolyn!!!


Michelle Custer

Lisa S. Burch, PE, LEED AP Civil Engineer

David & Carolyn,

Thank you so much for bringing Gizmo the amazing wonder puppy into our lives!

Gizmo is the most gentle, calm, patient, relaxed, and adorably playful puppy we have ever had. He is so great with our kids (7 and 4 years old), our other pets, and everyone he meets.  He could be a spokes-puppy for Yorkies everywhere.

I have included some recent pictures of our adorable little guy. Being raised by two little girls, he gets dressed in capes, doll clothes, and costumes on a daily basis, but he is the best sport about it all!

Feel free to friend us on Facebook so you can enjoy even more Gizmo pictures! (Lisa Sargent Burch)

Lisa S. Burch, PE, LEED AP

Civil Engineer

YTT Design Solutions
319.429.7625 ext101

606 14th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Ginger & Randy Holt

Dear Dave and Carolyn,

We would like to thank you for the wonderful addition to our family! Pip, who we now changed his name to Bear, is such a joy and has turned out to be everything you told me and much more! He has a great temperament and is quick to learn and easy to train. He stands his ground, we think truly doesn’t know his size, which is why we call him Bear. Strong little guy.

We still cannot get over how a cute he is, with his beautiful deep brown eyes and gorgeous soft hair! It seems no matter who sees him, he gets all the attention right away, he is excellent with other people! Bear shows through in his personality the amount of love and dedication you have put into your dogs and puppies!

I must admit we were a little nervous buying and looking at puppies on the internet but when I met you both, you made me feel comfortable and was extremely helpful in learning about the puppies! I really appreciated both of you telling me, I call you with any questions! I was so fortunate to find Anderson Yorkies and I will recommend your puppies to everyone!

Thanks again for giving us such a beautiful boy, inside and out! We love him so much!

We’ll keep in touch!

Ginger and Randy Holt

Robin & Matt Anderson

Dave and Carolyn had so many adorable pups that choosing one was difficult.  We settled on a female from Ellie Mae’s last litter and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  The Andersons welcomed our frequent visits while “Bizzy” grew up enough for us to bring her home in mid-December.

Two vets have examined Bizzy (when she was in for routine puppy shots) and they both pronounced her a very healthy yorkie with excellent physical attributes.  Both of them stated they often see physical deformities in the knees, etc. with these very tiny yorkies.  However, Bizzy’s joints and other physical characteristics are excellent…proof that Dave & Carolyn are wonderful breeders who take very good care of their pets.

Bizzy is four months old now and tipping the scales at a whopping 1.9 lbs.  She is a good eater, very smart, and gets along well with our 9 year old female yorkie (a 4 pounder).  Thank you Dave & Carolyn!!

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