This is Anderson’s Yorkies Parents of 2015-2016

Please let me introduce you to the backbone of Anderson’s Yorkies…THE PARENTS…   OUR FIRST LOVES….. We find them all over the United States, we bring in our own Blood Lines. We make a choice, call our Puppy Nanny, she will pick up the puppy where ever he is. Then our puppy goes from her arms to ours.. PS.. We always buy from … IN HOME BREEDERS.. 

  #1 Kid Rock. Kid is our first AKC Registered Parti Yorkshire Terrier.. My wife was looking over my shoulder when I was checking out C.R. Puppy Love. My wife saw Kid Rock, and the rest was History. 

We found out he was actually in Dallas TX. We had him flown into Minneapolis.. Pictured in the center is his son Remington..

 #2 Tic Tac.  Tic Tac found in North Carolina, He has an excellent Blood Line he is an AKC Registered Parti Toy Poodle.. His colors are Brown and White. He came from Smokey Mountain Kennels. Pictured in the center is his son Peanut with the same markings as his dad. To their right is our female Parti Toy Poodle E’Claire . Her colors are Black and White.. TOGETHER  they make Adorable Puppies..

 #3 Joey.    Joey is one of our Traditional Yorkshire Terriers, that we adore. He is our fetch-it friend, be careful what you teach an A.D.D. Puppy.. When I get up in the morning, sitting in my chair, or coming home from work, he will bring me something. It don’t matter what it is , sock, piece of paper, ball, bone. dish, it is the cutest. Joey will bring things to me but I can’t touch them.. So he runs around the house grf owling at me with what ever he fancies in his mouth.

#4 Roxy.. Roxy is the daughter of  Kid Rock and our Biewer Yorkshire Terrier .. “Jewel” of the Nile. Jewel is pictured next to her daughter Roxy.  Roxy is a smaller version of Jewel.. She has the best personality and temperament.  Plus she is a Fantastic Mother. She has the best bloodlines of both parents.

 #5 Jewel  of the Nile.. Jewel is an APR Registered Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.. She came from a Breeder in Delhi Iowa.  We bought  Jewel and her sister Katie from the same breeder, and we are very pleased. We bought them for breeding of course, but we ended up with two of our best mothers ever.. Katie has 9 week old puppies now and still nurses them…the 9th and 10th week are very important to mom and puppy.. We DO NOT send puppies home at 8 weeks.  Toy breeds need more time.. It is Puppy and mom time..

#6 Piper,  Piper came to us from  Smokey Mountain Kennels.. She is a Traditional Yorkshire Terrier and she carries the Chocolate Gene. 


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