Our Beautiful Romi Belle and Our Famous Tobi Mac

Have given us a litter of three boys.

       Romi Belle is our Gorgeous Silver/Sable Phantom. She has a Great PERSONALITY, she loves everyone, when matched with Tobi Mac their puppies are SPECTACULAR.. They have great coats, beautiful eyes(when they open) you will see. great physique. Anderson’s Yorkies & Poodles with Romi and Tobi would like to introduce their three “Little Macs”

Here is my disclaimer:  Patsy’s and Romi’s pups were both born May1st, and I was so busy with calls and emails about Patsy’s Yorkies. We (I) forgot to do Puppy pix.. To our Toy Poodle fans I AM SORRY !!!

Patsy’s pups are here Golden Chocolate Yorkies


Patsy and Bad Boy Cappuccino have Golden Chocolate Litter !!!! Hello everyone, this is what we were waiting for,, Sorry for our clients that wanted a girl. We also wanted to keep one for our Breeding Program..

What can I tell you about these puppy and their parents. FIRST The PARENTS. The mother of this gorgeous litter is our Very Special  “Patsy Kline” who is our AKC Registered Golden Yorkshire Terrier. Her personality is just laid back, loves her puppies and lets them chew on her and dad is in there also. He is not in their to stay he sniffs the babies. he knows they are his pups. Fathers and their mother are around their litter. This is not for Novice Breeders,  Bringing the fathers into the puppies kennel can be very dangerous even fatal to the puppies, our Breeding Parents have been with us since they were pups, and trained to love their puppies.. BUT we have never left Daddy with them alone.. The father of these boys is our Bad Boy Cappuccino he is our VERY HANDSOME AKC Registered Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier.. TOGETHER these two make Magic

                             ENJOY !!! I feel these will go fast… First deposit Takes the Gold !!!


YORKIES ARE COMING !!! Patsy and Bad Boy Oakley’s litter are days away !!!!!

Patsy’s temp is 99.4 so the puppies are thinking about

trying this world out !! We are Saying and Asking for

Prayers. For Pups and Parents. 

Our AKC Parti Poodle Birdie and her AKC mate Tobias JUST had a litter of 3

Anderson’s Yorkies and Poodles USE AND SUPPORT PAYPAL

Our two Parti Toy Poodles, Indie and

Tobias…Bring good genetics to our

Breeding Program. CHECK THEM

OUT !!!!!

Have given us another ONE OF A KIND litter, each one has its own pattern of Black/Brown and White. Each puppy is UNIQUE. There will be allot more Pictures and Bios, when they have their eyes open, and start developing their own personalities. THESE TWO PARENTS are both Gentle, Caring, Gentle, Tobie is so laid back, doesn’t get too excited about much, NOW Indie is the proverbial Toy Poodle, “Fart in the skillet” when she is raising her babies. AFTER NURSING it is bark-bark-bark…. let me out (potty), THEN it’s bark-bark-bark…. let me into my babies.. All of our dogs Retired or Working are all living in our “Dog House” and they are all pretty calm.. AS ALWAY we see and touch all our puppies, and while we are walking with them we whisper and coo to them. Our adults and puppies learn that humans (NOT ALL) mean them no harm, We love them and trust them unconditionally as they do us.. What we do is a gift to our Followers/Clients

“Evening in “Paris” and “Tobias” have a litter of 2 little darlings.

Anderson’s Yorkies & Poodles are Proud to introduce Paris’s and Toby’s litter of two Little Darlings.. Ladies first, this little Cream colored Toy Poodle is “Mocha”, her ears are just a shade darker than her body, which just caps her Adorability :). Our little Coal Black Gentleman is “Cinder” he is charting to be 4.5 pounds, which is the top weight for Teacups, So “Cinder” will most likely be a Teacup. They both have that Thick Beautiful Hair.

Here they are Ladies First….

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