Paris and Ashley have litter of two Apricot Puppies

Paris and Ashley gave us two Adorable little Apricots..

Paris was an added member to our Breeding Program last year, She is an AKC Registered White Toy Poodle. She came to us from our Breeding Mentor in Texas. Ashley has been with us for a while, and he is or AKC Registered Red Toy Poodle. Together they did GREAT.. Their first litter are these two gorgeous Apricot Puppies… We are accepting $500 deposits, their cost is $1,500 plus $105 sales tax.


Romi Belle and Ashley Wilkes blessed us with a litter of Four two girls and two girls..

Romi, Our Sable Red Toy Poodle and Ashley our Red Toy Poodle gave us a litter of “One of a Kind” puppies.. One female and a male are Sable Red they both have forever home waiting for them.. We have one female and a male that are Black or Dark Sable.. We will know in a couple weeks..

Pix coming soon.¬† ūüôā

The Sable Female has been sold to an associate in Louisiana ūüôā

Upcoming Litters for Fall 2017

¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Anderson’s Yorkies Fall 2017

             October is going to be a busy month for Puppies

1) Roxy and Remington  are due Oct 2nd, And on that date Roxy gave birth to three precious puppies..Two females and one male, all will be Teacup Biewer/Yorkie Partis.. Birth weights were 3.0, 3.3, 2.9 ounces.

2) Romi Belle and Ashley Wilkes were due on Oct 4th and they were born on the 5th. Romi had a litter of 4 Toy Poodles..2 females and 2 males..1 male and female are Sable Red and have been adopted..The other female and male were born Black, it will take a couple of weeks for them to show their true colors.

3) Pyper and Bad Boy Cappuccino  We were expecting her to whelp on Oct 4th, And we are still waiting..We keep forgetting all thing happen in Gods time not ours..

4)¬†Lexi and Oakley¬† Are expecting to have their litter of Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers on Oct 11th…

5)¬†Paris and Ashley Wilkes¬†Are expecting to have their litter of¬† Red or White Toy Poodles on Oct 16th….

6) Crystal Belle and Tsally Are expecting to have their litter of  Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers on Oct 20th

  1. Roxy and Remington had a litter of three, 2 girls and 1 boy. on 10/02/2017
  2. Romi Belle and Ashley Welkes had a litter of four,  2 girls and 2 boys..on10/04/2017
  3. Pyper and Bad Boy had their litter, there was one Chocolate Puppy (Sold) on 10/08/2017
  4. Lexi  and Oakley .Still waiting
  5. Paris and Ashley Wilkes had a litter of two, a girl and a boy..on 10/12/2017
  6. Crystal Belle and Tsali had a single male puppy, his sister passed during birth.. on 10/16/2017


When we are in the week of whelping, we take temps of the Dam daily to check when she will be ready to whelp.

Thank You for checking pus out.. You will not be disappointed !!!!!!!


Carolyn and David Anderson     owners/breeders



Our Roxy and Remington Started this Fall off with a Litter of Three

The birth weights of the two females are 3.0 and 2.9 ounces, the male was 3.3 ounces.. That means they all will be Teacups !!!!

In the coming days we will post pix, They are gaining and nursing well….PS..These¬†Puppies will¬†Be¬†Ready¬†for¬†there¬†Forever¬†Home,,¬† December 15th..¬†¬†HOHOHO

Roxy and Remington together produce the most unique Tiny Biewer/Yorkshire Terriers. These pups are designed by Nature and Anderson’s Yorkies..We know when the Mother (Dam) is in season, then we pick the Father (Sire), then sixty-three days later we see our One Of A Kind puppies. Parti Biewers and Parti Yorkies are not Cookie-Cutter Puppies, Each one is Unique, no two are alike..

PARENTS.. Roxy is the daughter of our APR Registered Biewer Jewel Of the Nile, Roxy is a very loving and doting mother, also she is a very loving and easy going pet..All of our puppies and our adults play together, once our puppies are old enough to be on the floor 5-6 wks. they start learning their Socializing Skills. Our  pups are well socialized with People and Pets. When you come to check out our puppies !! Their Parents will be at your feet checking you out..

Thank-You All for checking us out..You will not be disappointed ūüôā


Anderson’s Patsy Kline and Kid Rock Deliver Again……..

             A litter of four, three Golden Yorkshire Terriers two males and one female. There was also one male Parti Yorkie

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Patsy and Kid Rock have given us some beautiful Golden Yorkies and Parti Yorkies. We are¬†thankful¬†to say that this female Golden Yorkie, will be added to our Breeding Program.. Patsy and Rock will be retiring this winter or next summer. Patsy and Rock both¬†come from a great¬†breeder in Texas. Her name is Jody Turner she has since changed the direction of her Breeding Program.. God blessed us with these two dogs (and many more) but their puppies filled many children’s dreams and broken hearts.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Our Parti Boy¬†“Ozzie O.” is a very special Yorkie, mostly white with a couple black clouds on his back, with that perfect Yorkie highlighted face. His adult charted weight is 3.0 to 3.5 pounds.. That would be Teacup size…They will be ready for their new forever home by the first week in October.¬†This little Ozzie’s adoption fee will be $1,600 plus 7% sales tax.. Our Golden Green Boy is tipping the scale at 11.5 ozs. he is charting to be 3.0 lbs as an adult.. Our Golden Red Boy is weighing 18.2 ozs. he is charting to be 4.0 to 4.5 lbs. as an adult. The two Golden Yorkie males adoption fee is $1,500 plus 7% sales tax.. After our adoptive parents successfully¬†pass our¬†Background Check, we will accept a $500 deposit..

Thank You for checking us out, ūüôā¬†You will not be disappointed ūüôā

“Ozzie” has been adopted along with our Parti Yorkie Pinky by¬†the Melissa Meier¬†Family……


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