Johnna’s little male is available !!!!

We have one male available !!!

We  thought we had a buyer for this little male ? But, nobody has contacted us since his birth, So this little guy is 2 weeks old and will go fast,, Is there anybody on our waiting list that we have not contacted ?

Our AKC Reg. Toy Poodles, Paris and Ashley Gave us a litter of 3 females all Coal Black..

Happy Valentines Day (Almost)  To All.  Some Days  God has a Sense of Humor, January 23rd  was such a day.. We Bred our Beautiful White Toy Poodle Paris to our Very Handsome Red Toy Poodle Ashley Wilkes.  Expecting Red, Apricot or White ??  So these Two Beauties gave us 3 Beautiful Coal Black females, who-da- thunk ? Paris is a great mother and Ashley  is as debonair as ever !!! all is well and Good.. These puppies are almost 4 weeks old, Better pix will follow,,

Bridgette and Remington have litter of 3, 2 girls and 1 boy..

Bridgette and Remi have brought us a Beautiful litter of three,  Bridgette and Remington are  APRI Registered Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. Biewers are Tri Colored.  This litter has 2 Traditional Colored girls and 1 Parti Colored Boy.  The handsome little guy will be added to our Breeding Program and the girls will be living with Cindy and her daughters,

Update : January 2021 has been a Happy and Sad month.. Stay Healthy/Stay Home/Wear Masks when Out

“Patsy” will be retiring 🙂 She had issues with this last litter and  there were no puppies born.. Patsy has healed up well and will be retiring this year with me 🙂 We will be fishing together

“Bridgette” had her litter on January 14th, 2 Traditionally colored females and one Parti  colored Boy. The boy is Beautiful and will be joining our Breeding Program. The two girls are looking fat and sassy, We have been contacted by a family in the Des Moines area that would like to adopt both sisters. 

“Paris” had her litter on January 23rd. she has 3 adorable Black Females, with a touch of White on their chest..Pix will be posted when they are a little bigger.

“Johnna”  Our Biewer Yorkie will be having her first litter in a week or so.  She will be a new mother, 

“Roxie” will be having her litter in March..

Our AKC Reg. “Ms Taylor” gave birth to a single Female Puppy Ms Quinn

Ms. Quinn….is an AKC Reg. White with Brown spots Parti Toy Poodle. Taylor had to have a C-Section because two of the puppies were “Water Puppies. These puppies were too big for the Birth Cannel,  we are hand feeding the one small puppy “Ms. Quinn” .. We will post pix this afternoon.. SOOOO Sorry about the wait. This little girl has been hand fed for a couple weeks. and now he has been nursing better with mom and eating puppy gruel.. She is a Total Lil Miracle.. Check Her Out

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