Our Gorgeous “Romi Belle” and Ashley Wilkes had a litter of THREE !!!! 2 Cherry Sable Girls and one Black Male that may be a Teacup

Romi Belle is our Silver Brown Phantom and her breeding partner is our Red Ashley Wilkes  TOGETHER  these two make MAGIC !!!  These puppies were born on 09/04/2021. The first two born were the two Cherry Sable females. The first female#1 weighed 5.2 ozs at birth and girl #2 weighed 3.8 ozs. and then the little guy was born, he is still very small, we will have to keep an eye on this little guy, we have to make sure he doesn’t get pushed away from the Dinner Table by his big sisters,   The Little Boy is a fighter, and we are using our other females to help supplement his diet,,    GOD BLESS YOU ALL,, AND THANK YOU, FOR STICKING WITH US THROUGH THESE DIFFICULT TIMES… PSS in a couple of weeks their eyes will be open and they will be up and moving around. We will be updating pix.. We are saddened to learn that the Family that were adopting the Cherry Sable Sisters have canceled their adoption plans,  We totally understand “Life Happens” So our Cherry Sable Sisters are back up for adoption the smaller of the two is charting to be a Teacup.. they are both Adorable !!!

We just posted a few pix of our Tiny Timmy, he tipped the scale today at 7.6 ozs. Every couple of hours we had to put Timmy on one of our other mothers to supplement his needs. THANK GOD FOR PARIS AND BRIDGETTE

Our adoption fees are $2000 plus $140 sales tax,,

Bridgette and Remington Hit it ” Out Of The Park” with a litter of Six !!!!! 5 girls and one Boy.. All charting Teacup !!!!

       Our Famous Biewer/Yorkie  Momma “Bridgette” Blessed us with 6 Parti Biewer/Yorkies and 5 of these Beauties are Female !!!!   So earlier this week, we had Litters from our Toy Poodles. Our Silver/Brown Phantom Romi Belle Blessed us with 3 Beautiful Puppies and the 2 Females were Cherry Sable and those sisters were adopted the same day. from that litter, we have a Teacup Male still needing a Forever Home. …….And just Before this, Our Beautiful Diva “Paris” had just had her litter of 3, 2 females and one male all Black, two with a touch of white on their chest.  I apologize for the lack of pix, my Phone, and my Laptop are not communicating. I will try to have Pix tomorrow night..


 Our Famous Breeding pair Bridgette and Remington have always given us Beautiful Puppies, they usually have 3-4 puppies in a litter. You can’t imagine how we felt when #3 was born and we felt more puppies. We were honestly thinking about retiring Bridgette after this litter, now we can !! We will choose the biggest girl in the litter and she will be filling some “Big Shoes”. We will be calling everyone on our “Puppy Waiting List” and when they are done choosing their pup, we hope there will be some left.   THEY ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. In a couple of weeks, their eyes will be open and our waiting list will be choosing their puppy, after the choice has been made we will ask for a Partial Assurity Payment of $500, this will hold your puppy of choice, till Pick-Up Day.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE THROUGH THESE ROUGH TIMES.    GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!! STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY

Adoption fees are $2,000 plus  $140 sales tax.   PSS. There is another female puppy not pictured, she was born last, And I forgot to take a pic. I’ll figure it out “not tonight”

                       All Puppies are charting to be TEACUPS !!!!!!

Adoption Updates 09/24/2021

Yellow Girl has been adopted by Peggy and her Family and she will be living in Story City IA.

Orange Girl has been adopted by Rod and Sharon and will be living in Pella IA.

Red Girl will be staying with us to carry on Bridgette’s Blood Line as Bridgette will be retiring!!!

We Will be having Litters of Biewer Yorkies and Toy Poodles the first of September !!!!

We are starting our waiting list.. Email andersonsyorkies69@gmail.com                                      Or call Home: 641-423-3065   Cell: 641-530-9837

Our Girls, Romi Belle, Paris, and Birdie These are our Toy Poodle Girls,  We will also be having a litter of Biewer Yorkies from our Famous Bridgette.  These girls will start whelping mid-Sept

Up-Dates will be given daily 🙂


Previously adopted female Toy Poodle, Our Tiny Isabella is back up for adoption…

             Isabella is from our Beautiful AKC Registered Romi Belle, daddy is our Very Handsome Tobi Max. Isabella was going to be adopted by the same family that is adopting “Jelly Bean” our Cherry Sable Teacup  With a lot of thought and discussion about caring for Teacups, Our family decided to give 100% of their time and energy to one very small puppy “Jelly Bean” weighs 1 lb 9 ozs. today 06/20/2021. We respect and agree with their decision. Isabella is 2 lb. 7 ozs. and is charting to be 4.5-5.0 lbs. as an adult, which means she could be a Teacup also..

Isabella’s name is now “Mercy”  and she has been adopted and will be living in Bettendorf with Kathy and Micheal.


Our little mom “Birdie Lynn” with Ashley Wilkes had one Little little girl, she will be a Teacup !!!

Another Cherry Sable Teacup !!!   We do not Breed to make Teacups. Our Precious Birdie is a small mother 5 lbs. sometimes she has small puppies. This little baby has had a deposit for a few weeks now. Our client just changed her mind.  So this Little Red Sable Teacup is up for adoption again. Her adoption fee is $2,000 plus $140 sales tax, equalling $2,140.

                                     Enjoy Our Little Teacup ” Ms. Jelly Bean”

           Ms. Jelly Bean and  Isabella will be living with Gigi and Steve. Congrats !!!!!!

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