Anderson’s Toy Poodles, E’Claire and Peanut Butter have a litter of ONE..

Anderson’s Yorkies Proudly Brings You “Bandit”

       “Bandit” is a beautifully Masked  Female..Her parents are, Mom is our Black and White Parti Tiny Toy Poodle E’Claire. And the father of this beauty is our  Very Handsome Tiny Toy Poodle “Peanut” Butter. Bandit was born on New Years Eve, December 31st She made it a great start to the New Year . We are accepting $500 deposits on Bandit now.  She is a White with Brown over her eyes and ears  colored Tiny Toy Poodle.  Bandit’s total Adoption Fee is $1,000 plus $70 sales tax.

TIKAH and ASHLEY have their first litter TOGETHER….

       Christmas Litter Born 12/22/2016

Tikah and Ashley have their first litter just before Christmas.. These three pups are all different colors. The two females are RED and BLACK with the third pup being a BEIGE male. The male will be Apricot as he ages.. Both females are SPOKEN FOR.. The male will be ready for a deposit after Christmas.. A $500 deposit will guarantee your puppy in the weeks to come.. His adoption fee is $1,200 plus $84 sales tax.. Totaling $1,284…Tanner is ready for his debut.

Kid Rock has his last Litter, We chose it to be with Ms Lexi, they have a litter of 3 Boys.

All Lexi’s and Rock’s Puppies have been adopted… 

Anderson’s Yorkies Famous Father Kid Rock will retire after his and Lexi’s son Loki is full grown..

Kid Rock will be with us for as long as the Good Lord sees fit.. He will have the life of Reiley.? (Whatever that is). Kid has always been a puppy lover, he loves them tugging on his ears, As they all age their patients wears a little thin.. THESE PUPPIES…REESE, LOKI, AND LIAM will be ready to go the first week in December.. BUT if we are asked we will hold pups till they are ready to be pick up.. To hold puppy till  Christmas,, Said puppy must be paid in full. Plus a small handling fee for the extra weeks…DON’T HOLD US TO THIS ….IT IS CHRISTMAS…At  about 4-6 weeks old, we will be taking Deposits on these guys.. The cost of these special pups $1500 plus $105 sales Tax  Totaling $1605..

Thank You All for alloying us to share a little piece of our LOVE with you ..

                                   **********PUPPY  UPDATES**********

        Liam.. Will be leaving this Sunday for his new forever home with Mindy 
 Mindy lives in Eufaula OK. Liam will be delivered to Mindy by Galenda a family 
        Loki.....We have decided to Keep Loki for our Breeding Program..Trust Me when I say we would love to keep them all. 
        Reese.....Has found his forever home. He will be living in Alta Vista 
with the McAvoy family.   


Our Favorite Little Daddy Kid Rock Raised to the Occasion with Our Speacial Mom Jewel Of The Nile.And Gave us another Beautiful Litter of Five.Our Famous Daddy Kid will be Passing the Baton to his Son Remington


Kid and Jewel bring so much to the table when they have a litter of puppies. We expect them to be Beautiful….YOU TELL US.. Our Parents are Jewel our Parti Colored Biewer Yorkshire Terrier..And Kid Rock Our Parti Colored Yorkshire Terrier 

This litter of five was just as fantastic as their litters always are..First Born was Shiloh, he was coming out Breach (back feet first). This kind of Birth takes Patients. The butt is out, BUT you have to wait for the Pelvis to expand enough to allow the head to slip out..This can take a hour or longer.. Then after taking a rest we were waiting for, Number Two named Tank..Both boys were born, First was a Traditional Colored Yorkshire Terrier.( Black and Tan), Number two was a Parti Colored Biewer . After more rest we were ready for 3,4,5,.. Our third puppy was the smallest, birth weight was only 3.0 ozs. She was put on our light puppy status..We keep a very close eye on small pups..We called her Tinker Belle now she weighs 5.2 oz s. That’s very Good.Next puppy born was a female. Asia was a Traditional Yorkie (Black and Tan). and the one with the largest birth weight..5.0 oz.s at birth and 11.9 oz.s now..And now in hour 5 last puppy sticks his nose out and then POP she was out. Angelica was the last born.. She is Perfect, she Carries the Parti Colors..


I will be checking our Waiting List Tonight…These Pups will be APRI Registrable. We are asking our buyers to Reserve your puppy, with a $500 (nonrefundable) Deposit.. Our Adoption Fees are $1,500 plus $105 for sales Tax..

Thank You for checking us out…You will not be disappointed

 Tinker”Belle” has gained a little bit daily..She weighs 10.4 oz.s.. Tink has her forever home now with the McGregor Family,  Carrie has already came to our house and fell in love with Tinker”Belle”.. And Carrie almost left with Coco, He was pulling on her shoestrings and Heart Strings,,  Carrie…WAS STRONG AND SAID NO !!!!! We’ll see.  



Anderson’s Chocolate Yorkies Litter #1

Anderson’s Bad Boy Cappuccino.. and Anderson’s Finest Piper Jean, Gave us a Very Handsome litter of three……………..

They are the parents of our first litter of 3 males.. AKC Registerable Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers.. These little “chocolate drops” will not be teacup.. They were 5-7 ounces at birth, they just opened there eyes this week 8/8/2016..They were born July 19th 2016..So they are three weeks.. They are already standing, and poking their heads up to look around.. SO Curious..  It is awesome watching them look around and learn. We are accepting DEPOSITS….A $500 deposit will hold your puppy ..For these three Chocolate Drops the adoption fee is $1,500 plus 7% sales tax $105..ENJOY THE PICTURES…Pics added 5/20/2016.

 Their weights on 8/5/2016….weights on….. 8/20/2016 …Weights on 9/25/16

Barnabas is now Coco. weighs .. 1 lb. 3.1  ounces…..Barnabas’s weight is 1 lb. 3.5 oz…1lb. 15 oz.s

Jokim’s weighs ……… 13.8 ounces ….Jokim ( Dakota)has been adopted..He will be living with the Lewis Family

Mikah’s weighs ………. 15.3 ounces…..Mikah’s weight is 1 lb. 3.5 oz.. 1 lb. 15 oz..

REST IN PEACE  OUR LITTLE ANGEL… Mikah passed away on September 25th of Kidney Failure..We were having Jewels Puppies at the time..We thought he was struggling with Hypoglycemia..So we gave him Nutri-Cal then Sugar water. Micah did not bounce back,, Our hearts were breaking…slowly,,He was failing, and we could FEEL him slipping away from us..Called our vet at 11:00 PM met her at the Hospital, Blood Test were taken, Blood Sugar was great..But his Kidneys have failed, Michelle looked at my wife, then me..There was no coming back..We had already sent his brother Dakota to his new home..We alerted them to test Dakota,…………NORMAL..we felt relief now to the parents……Both checked out fine…God tells us, “Nothing in Gods world happens by Mistake” So I truly believe Heaven just received another Little Angel… We will not take his picture down…..




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