Anderson’s Chocolate Yorkies Litter #1

Anderson’s Bad Boy Cappuccino.. and Anderson’s Finest Piper Joe……………

They are the parents of our first litter of 3 males.. AKC Registerable Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers.. These little “chocolate drops” will not be teacup.. They were 5-7 ounces at birth, they just opened there eyes this week 8/8/2016..They were born July 19th 2016..So they are three weeks.. They are already standing, and poking their heads up to look around.. SO Curious..  It is awesome watching them look around and learn. We are accepting DEPOSITS….A $500 deposit will hold your puppy ..For these three Chocolate Drops the adoption fee is $1,500 plus 7% sales tax $105..ENJOY THE PICTURES…Pics added 5/20/2016.

 Their weights on 8/5/2016….weights on 8/20/2016

Jokim’s weighs ……… 13.8 ounces ….Jokim has been adopted..He will be living with the Lewis Family

Mikah’s weighs ………. 15.3 ounces…..Mikah’s weight is 1 lb. 3.5 oz.

Barnabas weighs .. 1 lb. 3.1  ounces.….Barnabas’s weight is 1 lb.3.5 oz.

Roxy and Remington (Rock’s Son) Have a litter of 2 a Girl and a Boy..

These beautiful Biewer babies were born July 23rd. They will be small, birth weight was 3.5 oz. So they will be around 3-4 pounds as an adult..Both parents are APR Registered..

Their names are Chloe and Asher, they are Biewer Puppies so they will be keeping their tails (GREAT)..Dew clews will be removed.. We have some early  pix of them so…Lets start with them…

Chloe has been adopted..She will be living with the Lewis Family


Tikah has her first litter..Tic Tac is the Daddy..

Tikah and Tic Tac brings us 2 Cream colored Males… These guys are Tiny Toy Poodles

Tikah has a litter of  2 beautiful Cream colored Tiny Toy Poodles These boys are very small.. Tikah is our AKC Registered Red Toy Poodle.. the puppies adoption fee for these handsome Dudes is $900 plus $63 sales tax,, we will be keeping the Black puppy..

All of Tikah’s puppies have been Adopted, Gabriel will be living in Minneapolis MN, and Michael will be living in Iowa City IA.



E’claire and Tic Tac have a litter of 2..CHECK’M OUT

E’Claire and Tic Tac  have “HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK” again !!!!!

This litter of two are just cuter than cute…Their names are Romeo and Juliet, Romeo has a very plush white coat. Juliet has a plush coat but she is white with black patches on her head, just like her mother. Both pups are born to Parti Poodles Parents..Romeo  just don’t have any spots..

The adoption fees for Romeo and Juliet will be $800 plus $56 sales tax…Tic Tac is our AKC  Registered Parti Colored Toy Poodle. Tic Tac came from our friend and fellow Breeder from Goergia..We purchase almost all our Breeding Dogs from other states,,BECAUSE….They are our pure Bloodline,, No chance of mixing bloodlines..E’claire is not papered her Breeder never sent her papers her..We tell all interested people about her lack of papers.. The puppies are just as beautiful…

Thank You for checking us out….You will not be disappointed..

Carolyn and David  Anderson

Juliet will be living in Springfield MA. with his new family The Smiths

Romeo will be staying with us, To be a future Daddy in 2 years..

Katie’s and Remingtons Spring Litter is Here..

Katie and Remington starting  Spring with a Beautiful Litter..Of 5….2 Girls and 3 Boys..All Stuning !!! One boy has sold..

These five puppies are perfect examples as to how a Parti Biewer Yorkie should look. When our Remington sires a litter with either Katie or her sister Jewel which are Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. The correct pronunciation for Biewer is (Beevah), and I was corrected by a Biewer breeder from Germany..Biewer’s are now recognised by the American Kennel Club, so we will be getting them AKC Registered..Now our five little beauties.. The weights are 13 to 15 ounces. but one little boy is 8 ounces. He is Yellow Boy..It is to early to name them all, and keep track of who’s who, so we use yarn..This litter has mostly black backs with white legs and bellies..All behind that beautiful Parti Biewer face..Our adoption fees for these gems will be as follows,, $1,500 plus $105 sales tax, which totals $1,605…Minus the deposit,,The deposit to hold your puppy is $500 this can be paid by check…BUT we ask the final payment be made in cash.

The smallest boy, Yellow boy is now Peep and will be going to his forever home in Omaha NB. with his new mommy Dinah….

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