Anderson’s Ms. Lexie and Kid Rock gave us a Gorgeous Litter of Four Parti Yorkshire Terriers, Three Girls and One Boy

 Kid Rock says”Retirement’s for Old Dogs”

   Anderson’s Little Kid Rock sees retirement in his future !! BUT NOT TODAY ? Lexie and Kid have come together and brought us a Gorgeous litter of  four, these puppies will come with papers so you can register them to American Kennel Society.. Both parents are A.K.C. Registered.  Lexie is our princess, she doesn’t want to get dirty,  But she will chase Rock around and around to keep his bone. Rock and Lexie  are a natural couple, they are inseparable. Rock is the Kid on the block that all our males want to be like.. Rock just gets all the girls, it’s true they all love him. All kidding aside, it is Great seeing our dogs showing kindness to each other, and to their puppies when they are out on the floor..We do this in steps, it’s like every puppy has  5  aunts and uncles watching over him..These adorable puppies were born April 19th 2017. They should be ready to go to their new forever home the first week in July.. They’re still a little wiggly to get clear pictures of them, I will do better when their eyes open..We will be accepting deposits in a couple of weeks.

The deposit for these puppies is $500.

The total  adoption fee is $ 1,500 plus 7% sales tax of $105..

Anderson’s Piper Jean & Our Chocolate Yorkie Bad Boy Cappuccino, Have their 2nd litter of Chocolate Babies

These two parents always have the most Beautiful Tones of Chocolate in their puppies. ABOUT THE PARENTS.. Piper is an AKC Traditional colored Yorkshire Terrier.. BUT she carries the Chocolate Gene, which means she can through chocolate pups.. Bad Boy is an AKC Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier he is a light chocolate with darker highlights.  Latte Girl is the shade of dark antique bronze with highlights of light bronze on her ears,  jowls, eyes and legs. Caramel Dude is a light bronze color with darker highlights on his face and ears.. These two puppies are indeed ANDERSON’S FINEST….These pups will not be Teacups or Toys.. They are charting to be 5-6+ pounds.. we will keep charting them, they are only 1 week old..   The price for these two will be $1,500…

Thank You for checking us out..

Our Red Brown/Sable Poodle Romi Belle and Our Phantom Poodle Koda have litter of Five

Romi Belle and Koda have litter of five, three girls and two boys. Romi Belle is AKC Registered Tiny Toy Poodle, She is a Beautiful shade of Red Brown, Her color is Dark Sable She is a great mom and she has a playful personality..Romi…. is also AKC Registered. She comes from a GREAT BLOODLINE.

Our Very Handsome Kota is a Silver Brown Phantom..His legs and ears are Darker than his body. He is also AKC Registered. BUT these Phantom puppies will be Red Apricot Brown    HURRY…..and grab one of these Beauties, There is only four left….We took Pink Girl……Phantom Poodles are REALLY HOT among Poodle Fanciers.. Look for Yourself

Pricing for these unique pups is as follows:

1) Red Brown (Not Phantom Nor Teacup)$1,200-$1,500..

2) Red Brown Teacup (Not Phantom) $1,500-$2,000..

3) Red Brown Teacup Phantom $2,500

Kid Rock and Roxie have a Single Female Pup…….Born March 3rd 2017

 Kid Rock decided not to Retire….

      Roxie gave birth last night to 2 beautiful daughters, We chose Rock to be daddy, because he makes the smallest and cutest pups. We were hoping the pups would carry a little of the tan, but at first look they both look Black and White …Yes Angelica has the Key Trait of Parti Yorkies Tan patches on her Jowls

Anderson’s Yorkies brings you a VERY BEAUTIFUL GIRL….. Angelica, she will look her daddy Kid Rock, Angelica will have the Parti Yorkie tan markings on her jowls. Angelica weighs in at 5.5 ounces at 3 days old.  At 6 weeks she weighs 1 lb. 14 oz.  So she is charting to be 5-6 lbs. She carries more of the white clouds on her back..  The adoption Fee for Angelica is $1,500 plus $105 sales tax. Angelica is a “PIECE OF THE ROCK” from our famous Kid Rock…. We will be accepting $500 deposits on your choice. Angelica is charting to be 5-6 lbs.

 Angelica is doing fine, and gaining weight as charted,,

Thank You for Checking us out…You will not be Disappointed.

Carolyn and David




Anderson’s Toy Poodles, E’Claire and Peanut Butter have a litter of ONE..

Anderson’s Yorkies Proudly Brings You “Bandit”

       “Bandit” is a beautifully Masked  Female..Her parents are, Mom is our Black and White Parti Tiny Toy Poodle E’Claire. And the father of this beauty is our  Very Handsome Tiny Toy Poodle “Peanut” Butter. Bandit was born on New Years Eve, December 31st She made it a great start to the New Year . We are accepting $500 deposits on Bandit now.  She is a White with Brown over her eyes and ears  colored Tiny Toy Poodle.  Bandit’s total Adoption Fee is $1,000 plus $70 sales tax.

         Bandit was adopted to a very loving FAMILY in Rochester MN.

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