We are closing 0ur 2021 Breeding Season with a Very Special litter, The mother of this Special litter is “Johnna” our Beautiful Silky haired Biewer Parti Yorkie, and the Daddy of these awesome puppies is our Tiny Biewer Parti Yorkie “Remington”

       We are going out of our 2021  Breeding Season with a few Very Fine Puppies, Johnna and Remington have always had Small and Cobby puppies. there are 2 females and one male. Both parents are APRI reg. Parti Biewer Yorkies. In this litter, there is a Traditional Colored female, a Parti Colored female, and a Parti Colored male. these puppies are totally Adorable,

       We are sorry to say, that I am having Tech. Difficulties. my new phone and my new laptop are having a spat, and they are not COMMUNICATING !!!! not all is lost, I will be going to see…My Stables Guy. He is Great, and he will easily show me how to force them to, send data back and forth. I have been doing this for 15 years. One would think that I had a handle on it  :)..   So please bear with us and we will get through this too.. 

.     We will have pictures of all the puppies, and as I am working on importing my Puppy Pix.  Please feel free to text or email us and we will gladly send you Personalized \Pix..

Our email is ……andersonsyorkies69@gmail.com

My cell # …….641-530-9837

We are sorry for this inconvenience, But I know it will go Smooooth,,,,    Thank You for your understanding,,

We matched our Beautiful AKC Reg. Brown and White Toy Poodle “Taylor”, with our Dashing AKC Reg, Red Toy Poodle “Ashley Wilkes”

       Taylor’s litter of Beautiful Cherry Sable puppies, which consist of 2 Girls & 2 Boys. Taylor is 2 years old and is a Doting mother and she brings a Great Personality to this mating pair. Taylor weighs 5 lbs and our Little Ashley Wilkes weighs 4 lbs. Together they make the most Beautiful Cherry Sable colored Toy Poodles, These pups will be of a small size.

Please forgive the lack of Puppy Pix 🙁 …My new phone and my new laptop, are having a spat, I am having a hard time importing my Puppy Pix,, To Picasa, then onto my website. So back to my Staples Guy. So he can Straighten Me Out !!!

I will get the pictures out as soon as I can, in the meantime, you can email us and I will send you Pictures or call and I can Text them to you.

Our email is….andersonsyorkies69@gmail.com

Our cell # 641-530-9837

Our Gorgeous Toy Poodle “Taylor” and Handsome Little Guy “Ashley Wilkes gave us a litter of 4-Beautiful Cherry Sable Toy Poodles Cherry Sable

               “Taylor” is a doting mother, she is a Brown and White AKC Registered Toy Poodle and together with our Little Gentleman “Ashley Wilkes” who is a Red AKC Registered Toy Poodle his Red mixed with Taylor’s coloring, they gave us a litter of 4, 2 females and 2 males. ALL CHERRY SABLE in Color. These pups were born on November 6th, 2021. here is their first pictures….ENJOY

FYI…….. There are Two Times more PUPPY SCAMMERS then PUPPY BREEDERS….Please Beware

        If it’s not bad enough with our Economy, Covid, Employment, We have LOW LIFE SCAMMERS who want to sell you a puppy that does not exist. I urge everyone that is searching for a Pet,   DO YOUR HOMEWORK  on your seller !!!  There are no such things as $500 Puppies,

          I Do Back Ground checks on all of our potential parents.  Ask if they are a licensed breeder. Ask for proof.  You can look in their backyard with (Google Maps).  Long Distance transactions.. Be Very Careful. I am an experienced Dog Breeder and I am leary of some transactions, that’s why I do my Homework, Been Verified, Back Ground Checks.

         This Taking  Advantage of People with broken hearts from the loss of a furry loved one. or a new family looking for their first Puppy, only to be Scammed by a Lowlife. The State and USDA have asked everyone’s help to turn in all SCAMMERS  if you expect that you’ve been scammed, get as much information as you can.  If you talk /text to a Scam Breeder you still should ask a lot of Questions,, ask them for the address and name of their Veterinarian.  Just  Google the address.

         So let’s gather as much information (Facts) as we can and Call the USDA OIG Hotline (800) 424-9121 and or Iowa Department of Agriculture. if you are in and around Iowa call Juley Keeney Deputy Secretary of AG Administrative  (515) -281-5322.   So let’s Help  HUMANITY,  ARREST SCAMMERS…

         Carolyn and I just read about this in a USDA Publication, The Battle being fought by USDA OIG.

    S0 let’s give them all the help we can, to help Bring All Sammers to Justice..          That’s all I got on that Subject..  Buyer Beware !!! I’m trying to put Grins on Faces nothing does it like a PUPPY..

           SORRY……..These puppies are not for sale…





Our Beautiful Toy Poodles Paris and Ashley Wilkes have given us a litter of 3 Awesome Puppies, 2 Girls and one Boy

       Paris was born and bred to be a Show Toy Poodle, she was a little too tall, So she was sold to our Breeder Friend in Texas, We were Blessed when she offered Paris to us,  We couldn’t be happier. Ashley Wilkes is our Dashing Red Toy Poodle, He is a Fire Cracker. These two have always given us Beautiful Puppies. These puppies are AKC Registerable. All three are Black with a touch of white on their chest. Mother has a Great Personality, and the Father is a little shy and also has a great personality.

      These puppies are homegrown, with love and attention Daily. We touch and coo to all our puppies many times a  day, we teach them that the human voice means love.  Our adoption is $2,000 `plus sales tax, we are accepting partial payment of $500 to hold your puppy.

The lighting in some of the pictures make them look Brownish,,


      We are an IN-HOME Licensed Breeder, We are licensed by USDA and we are also licensed by the  State of Iowa.



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